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14 Articles of (My Mormon) Faith as rendered by Elder Russell M. Nelson and Joseph Smith


With unprecedented worldwide attention on the Church, we have needed a concise statement of our principal beliefs. The best we have are the original 13 Articles of Faith penned by the Prophet Joseph Smith in 1842. But the fact is: they were written before the Prophet's Nauvoo revelations and mention nothing about Mormonism's most-cherished and distinctive precepts such as eternal progression, temple marriage and the centrality of the family. In 1994, Elder Russell M. Nelson addressed a world organization of churches in Chicago and outlined ten basic Mormon tenets. I combined Elder Nelson's 10 beliefs with four of the the most iconic articles from the original 13, especially Article 13. I hope the printable PDF below will give members and investigators alike a more complete picture of what "We Believe."

Also, I hope you will enjoy the "We Believe" YouTube clip below narrated by my good friend with the incomparable voice, Michael Flynn.