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"A Good Read"

I hope readers of The Mormon Grail have as much fun reading it as I did imagining it. I had been searching for some original religious fiction when I decided to write my own book. This whole odyssey began several years ago when I posed a hypothetical question to a friend: "What if the Mormon Church had been restored in 1995 instead of 1830?" There really was nothing in scripture that said it had to occur in the 19th Century -- only that the prophet of the restoration had to be named "Joseph." Well, we started talking about the impacts on Utah, the West and the world if there had been no Mormons until almost the year 2000. For instance, Utah might be "Yutah" -- famous for its skiing, mining and ... night life?! OK, you can see how fun your journey through this book is going to be. In fact, The Mormon Grail asks a number of other "What if?" questions, like "What if a young boy named Joseph Smithfield from Morgan, Yutah, announced to the world that he had conversed with the Father and the Son -- would you believe? I don't want to give any more away at this juncture -- the fun of reading The Mormon Grail is there are bizarre, unexpected twists all along the way.

My dream is that this book won't be enjoyed just by Mormons -- but by anyone looking for "a good read." Dan Brown's masterful The Da Vinci Code centers on Catholicism, but Mormons, Baptists and atheists couldn't put it down because it was "a good read." The Mormon mythology, with its angels, golden plates and plethora of heavenly visitors, is the second-greatest story ever told after the earthly ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. As Joseph Smithfield says to Emily -- "I wouldn't believe it myself if I hadn't lived it." 

About the author, R. Curtis (Curt) Burnett

I have been a writer/communicator all my adult life. I served as a reporter for the Deseret News, writing associate with the University of Utah Public Relations Department, news secretary with U.S. Senator Jake Garn and finally -- until I retired in 2006 -- Vice President, Public Affairs, for Questar Corporation. However, I think these prior gigs really served to prepare me for the love of my professional life -- writing religious fiction. The loves of my personal life are my wife, Dody, our seven children and step-children, and our 13 grandchildren.

I also love the Book of Mormon and appreciate its majesty and divinely inspired origins from so many perspectives; as I writer, I can testify to the impossibility that it came from the imagination of Joseph Smith.