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Enoch's Hope -- How a Prophet succeeded in getting God to change His mind about another bad policy

And how that applies to the Church's policies toward the LGBTQ community. If Mormon leaders truly love their gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender members, they should emulate Enoch, "who would not be comforted..." until he secured the safety of the human race.


For the sake of argument, let's accept Elder Russel M. Nelson’s contention that the Church’s policies toward homosexuals and gay marriage are “the will of the Lord” as revealed through revelation. End of discussion? Hardly.


In the Church’s own sacred canon and history, there are instances where prophets have successfully pleaded with the Lord to alter His divine “will” out of love for His children. Most notable is the Prophet Enoch, father of Methuselah and grandfather of Noah. He was able to persuade God not to send a second Great Flood to destroy the earth.


According to the LDS Pearl of Great Price, Enoch was taken into heaven where he saw God “weeping” over the wickedness of the world. The Father’s tears turned to anger and he lamented “… behold, they are without affection, and they hate their own blood. And the fire of mine indignation is kindled against them, and in my hot displeasure will I send in the floods upon them….”


God showed Enoch the Great Flood that would cleanse the world – but that his grandson Noah and his family would build an ark and survive. Even so, Enoch “had bitterness of soul, and wept over his brethren….” The Pearl of Great Price account says that Enoch refused “to be comforted….” During the conversation, the prophet “wept and stretched forth his arms, and his heart swelled as wide as eternity; and his bowels yearned; and all eternity shook.”


Enoch exacted a promise from the Lord that Noah and his seed would be protected and “the earth might never more be covered by the floods" (after Noah). “And the Lord could not withhold, and He covenanted with Enoch and sware unto him an oath, that he would stay the floods….”


Like Enoch, Elder Nelson and his apostolic cohorts need to plead with the Lord to “stay” the Church’s current policies toward homosexuals because they are so detrimental, even contributing to rising suicides among Mormon LGBTQ youth.  Do the brethren feel “bitterness of soul” and weep over these departed ones? Do they refuse to be comforted until the Church of Christ embraces gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered people as equal sons of daughters of God? Do their bowels “yearn” until all eternity shakes? Are their proclamations of love more than lip service?


I believe God will listen if they go to Him in faith and mighty prayer, just as He listened when President Wilford Woodruff pleaded for an end to polygamy to save the Church from financial ruin; and when President Spencer Kimball went to Him with deep concerns over the discredited policy of denying the priesthood to Black men.


Let’s pray the current church leaders have the faith of their prophetic forebears and refuse “to be comforted” about a bad policy  -- because so many lives depend on it.