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I hope I wasn't prescient about Donald Trump

I hope I wasn’t prescient. Four years ago, I wrote about the fearful rise of a Donald Trump-type candidate in my book, “The Mormon Grail.”  His name was Senator Marcus Stanley, and I described his bombastic approach thusly: “Stalking around…and flailing his arms, Stanley used his fierce oratorical skills to denounce the administration….”


Using the slogan “America First!” (sounds like “Make America Great Again’) he organized a mass political movement to pull the country out of another Great Depression. (“Nobody cared about Stanley’s checkered past nor his controversial views on non-economic issues like race and religion.”)


During the party’s convention, Stanley thundered “Our nation has been betrayed by greedy internationalist businessmen and corrupt politicians…. “He stormed around the stage with a portable microphone, gesticulating forcefully to underscore his key messages. He pounded away at the need for change while not giving any specifics.” He announced he would demand Congress give him emergency powers to implement his program “to get this country back to work.”


Here’s why I pray I wasn’t prescient: Stanley gets elected in a landslide and engineers a military coup after a series of terrorist bombings, becoming “America’s first dictator.” Worse yet, he sets up a network of clandestine “black camps” to “re-educate” anyone who disagrees with him, including the young Mormon prophet Joseph Smithfield.


When I wrote about a Stanley presidency, it seemed implausible verging on impossible – but Stanley seems to have come alive in the person of The Donald. “The Mormon Grail” is available on or at my website,